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Revitalize Your Campus with Advanced Analytics and AI: Customized Approaches to Sync Academic Programs with Labor Market Demands.We're not Consultants; we're your Partners in Educational Excellence.

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Track Record

$55M - Institutional Reboot of a Private Liberal Arts College (Jumped 17 spots on the National Liberal Arts College rankings in one year)
$1.3M - Shift in Operational savings, following Analytics-driven assessment of program demand and viability
+$5K+ - Increase in Annual Graduate starting salaries following overhaul of a Career Services strategy
68% Increase in Email Open Rates; 4.6x spike in replies


Strategic Analysis

Crafting Future-Ready Educational EnvironmentsTransform your institution with data-forward strategic analysis that navigates today’s challenges and seizes tomorrow’s opportunities.We offer comprehensive insights that:

  • Strategically align talent and resources with institutional goals.

  • Enhance communication frameworks to streamline operations.

  • Address unique recruitment and positioning challenges in crowded landscapes.

  • Leverage a mix of public, institution-specific, and proven market data to inform decision-making.

Our methodology is designed to anticipate shifts and mold your institution's future through proactive, data-informed strategies that maps public, internal, and unique data sets. We make insights easy and intuitive.

Sample Projects

Talent Management, Recruitment & Employee Upskilling

Empower Your Team: Future-Ready Skills for a Changing WorldPrepare your teams for the future with targeted upskilling programs tailored to meet dynamic market demands.Our expertise areas include:

  • Advanced Design Thinking and Data Analytics.

  • Leadership skills in changing environments and AI tool integrations.

  • Placement and recruitment services leveraging propietery targeting and cold-email strategies (2-3x open rates of industry average).

  • Personalized learning modules crafted for specific audiences, from top executives to specialized teams.

Our comprehensive approach ensures your staff are not only prepared but are leaders in driving institutional success.

Market Research & Customer Discovery

In-Depth Insight Gathering: Tailored Market Understanding for GrowthDeepen your understanding of the educational landscape with our strategic market research and customer discovery:

  • Gain a nuanced understanding of prospective students' and stakeholders' expectations, pain points, and aspirations, crucial for aligning your offerings.

  • Develop a detailed Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) that encapsulates the attributes and needs of your target academic community.

  • Utilize sophisticated tools combined with direct engagement strategies to uncover actionable insights that will inform and refine your strategic decisions.

This strategic insight enables your institution to not only meet but exceed the expectations of today's students and faculty, ensuring your offerings are precisely aligned with market demands and academic goals.

Niche Admissions Strategies

Revolutionize Your Admissions: Connect and Convert with Precision.Redefine how you attract potential students with strategies that resonate and convert:

  • Develop compelling 'Lead Magnets' such as tailor-made online courses.

  • Detailed profiling of your Ideal Student to align with your institutional strengths.

  • Hyper-customized message funnels, targeted by geographic, demographic, and consumer intel.

  • Create and position engaging offerings that not only attract but deeply connect with prospective students, making your institution the obvious choice for their future.

Hyper Customized Email - Unprecedented Scale

Advanced Engagement: AI-Driven, Data-Enriched Email Campaigns That Connect with 4x Response RatesElevate your email campaigns with our precision-targeted, data-driven approach:

  • Leverage advanced AI to craft personalized prompts and engage recipients with sophigisticated "bucketing" and smart if-then logic, ensuring relevant and timely interactions.

  • Integrate high-level personalizations into your campaigns, using over 60 unique data points to fine-tune messaging for maximum relevance and impact.

  • Utilize cutting-edge software for precise audience segmentation, delivering tailored content that speaks directly to individual needs and drives engagement.

Our approach ensures your communications are not only seen but felt, creating meaningful connections that boost admissions and enhance student engagement.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Turn Insights into Action: Elevating Institutions with Smart Data Solutions.We equip your institution with:

  • Real-time analytics dashboards for actionable insights.

  • Simplified integration of complex data using Power BI, Tableau, Airtable, Web-apps, and other Software Tools.

  • Comprehensive tracking of key performance metrics across admissions, retention, and revenue goals.

Enhance program and institution ROI through data-driven strategies and custom, user-friendly web-apps for visualizing efficacy.

Sample Projects

About Mike O'Connor

As the #3 at Lawrence University, I was underwhelmed with nearly every Consulting firm we hired.
I found myself dealing with slow turn-around times, lack of novel insights, little data/tech savvy, and generic/undifferentiated services.
Everyone had a 10k "Strategy"; Few could actually implment.
As someone with an affinity for Tech, Data, and Design, and a background in Higher Education (17 years) and Management Consulting - I knew I could offer something better.

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